Henry interviewed by Sinister Locos

The Sinister Locos came by De La O Jiu-Jitsu to interview Henry Corrales about his upcoming, this Sunday, May 1st, Long Beach Fight Night. Bonus interview with Head Instructor, John De La O!

Catch the full interview below:

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Randy Interviewed on TapouT Radio

Randy Haskill was interviewed last night on TapouT Radio Live about his upcoming fight, May 1st at Long Beach Fight Night. Hear the full interview below:

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Behind the Scenes at Fight Camp

Franco Te of NerdSociety.com dropped by the gym to see Randy Haskill and Henry Corrales preparing for their next fight, Sunday, May 1st, at Long Beach Fight Night. To see the full image set and get a peek behind the scenes, check out NerdSociety.com.

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Pit Boss and Frank Shamrock stop by

September 2010, Animal Planet aired an episode of Pit Boss which centered around a Public Service Announcement being filmed for the campaign “Knock Out Dog Fighting”. Frank Shamrock and Pit Boss participated in the PSA and filmed it at our gym.

Check the video clip and others in our Media Gallery.

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New MMA Fitness Classes Added

Starting Wednesday, February 2nd, we will be kicking off our MMA Fitness classes, intended primarily for women. This class will help you tone-up, shed the extra holiday pounds, and get you ready for Summer.

Come check us out: Wednesday’s at 5pm and Saturday at 10am!

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NerdSociety.com visits the Dojo

NerdSociety.com dropped by the dojo to see Scott “The Saw” Brommage and Henry Corrales train for their fights at Long Beach Fight Night.

Read the entire story at: http://www.nerdsociety.com/intense-training-long-beach-fight-night/

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De La O wins big @ KOTC!

John De La O takes victory in his rematch against Alex Rickards! It was a second round arm lock @ King of the Cage – Tropical Storm. Congratulations John, we are inspired by your hard work and proud to see it pay off!

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Donations to Somoa MMA

Page 6 of today’s Samoa News:

Grappling mats donated by John De La O for the MMA program in American Samoa. He also donated various pads and sparring gear which was collected personally by Peter Lamy of BOOYAA Clothing Co., KOTC (King of the Cage) and CII (photo: MD Solofa)

Please visit Samoa News for more information about Peter Lamy’s effort in Samoa.

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Tommy and Randy win @ KOTC

Congrats to De La O Jiujitsu – 2 and 0 tonight at King of the Cage: Uppercut!

Tommy won in round 2 by head and arm choke.

Randy won by lion kill choke (RNC).

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